Core Deposit Policy

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Certain salvage parts require an exchange, meaning that you must return your broken part (referred to as the "core") during or after your purchase.  

Use your warranty as the deposit

The most popular option we offer involves no extra money out of pocket, leaving you free to pay for installation and other expenses. Beginning when you receive your part, you will have 30 days to return you core. As long as the core is returned within 30 days, you will be allowed to keep the remainder of your 6 Month Warranty.

conventional Deposit

This conventional option allows the customer to leave a cash deposit, which is refunded when the customer returns their core. This may be especially helpful for customers who are unsure when they can return the core and want to secure their 6 Month Warranty from the beginning.

Core return policy

Customers must have the original Williams Auto Salvage receipt when returning any cores.

Larger cores such as engines and transmissions must be returned complete and assembled.

The deadline for returning a core is measured against the date the customer received the part, not the date of payment.